Guest Op-Ed: On the Quality of Life

By Acting Mayor Patrick Keefe

“Quality of life” is a common phrase when discussing ways that municipal government can interact with the people it serves.  Even the National Institute of Health recognizes “quality of life,” citing environment, social status, wealth, culture, and common goals as elements.

But it can ring hollow without a definite appreciation for what it means.

On a local level, it’s basic: clean streets, trash removal, snow removal, sufficient staffing in public safety departments, efficient administration and enforcement of local and state regulations–even projects like filling potholes play a role in making residents feel welcome in our municipal environment.

Improving “quality of life” requires connection to segments of our population that are typically less likely to interact with municipal government. Programs that engage our youth and elder residents are critical to advancing their quality of life in our City.

Revere boasts robust departments that serve our younger and elder folks.  The calendars for our Parks and Recreation Department, Elder Affairs Department, and Public Library abound with programs, activities, and events intended to engage our residents and kindle a sense of access and community.  Their schedules can be found at,, and

Good government provides opportunities for residents to enjoy their neighbor’s company and become active in their city.  Such opportunities engender trust and cooperation among each other and of the government that serves them.  When government efforts help people gather together and feel good about themselves, their neighbors, and their surroundings, we all achieve a healthier existence–what we all can call a positive quality of life.

Patrick Keefe is the Acting Mayor for the City of Revere, as well as a candidate for Mayor in the upcoming election in September.

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