Logan Airport Runway Rehab Will Impact Revere

By Adam Swift

MassPort officials met with the City Council recently to discuss the upcoming closure of Logan Airport’s longest runway for repairs and the impact it will have on Revere.

“That closure is going to be for 100 days beginning August 15, with a reopening sometime in early November,” said Anthony Guerriero, the deputy director of community relations in federal affairs for Massport. “This is a safety rehabilitation project; 15 Right, 33 Left is our longest runway.”

Each runway at Logan is generally rehabilitated for safety reasons every 10 to 12 years.

In considering when to close the runway for repairs, Guerriero said Massport looked at winds and other factors to determine when that runway sees less use.

“This runway is used typically in northwest winds and it is our largest runway at the airport,” said Steve Sulprizo of Massport. “The bigger portion of the impact our communities will see is this is our preferred overnight runway configuration because it utilizes over-water routes for both arrivals and departures. The communities will see a bit of an increase in some of the overnight traffic since that runway will be closed.”

There will be an increase in arrivals to runway 22 Left, which will impact the Point of Pines and Beachmont neighborhoods, Sulprizo said. Because the runway that is being closed sees a large amount of overnight traffic, he said there is a high probability there will be increased overnight flights over the Revere neighborhoods.

Guerriero noted that runway use is determined by weather patterns on a day-by-day basis by the FAA.

Several city councillors said there is a need for increased soundproofing for residents and other buildings in the city, given the increase in air traffic over time.

Council President Pro Tempore Joanne McKenna said that the flight ceiling is getting lower from approximately 400 feet  to 200 feet due to the larger air buses coming in and out of Logan. McKenna also asked about the installation of soundproof windows for the Beachmont School through the FAA sound insulation program.

Guerriero indicated that the program is currently only for residential property, but the FAA may consider schools in the future.

Revere resident Ron Clark asked why the project had to take place during August when most residents have their windows open during the summer. MassPort responded that August is a slower month for air travel and paving must be done during construction season. Angela Sawaya of the Point of Pines Beach Association inquired about the residential sound program for Point of Pines residences and the dumping of fuel over the Point of Pines, which has caused her roof to turn black.

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