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City Council Approves FY ’23 budget of $240.4 Million

The City Council unanimously approved Mayor Brian Arrigo’s Fiscal Year ’23 city budget of $240,469,324 at its meeting that was held June 16.

The Council held public meetings leading up to the vote. The Council made $221,489 in cuts to the original budget.

At the meeting, Councilor-at-Large Dan Rizzo, chair of the Ways and Means Subcommittee, thanked Chief Financial Officer Richard Viscay and City Clerk Ashley Melnik for their guidance during the budget process and for organizing and scheduling the meetings. Rizzo also thanked the city’s department heads for appearing before the subcommittee and talking about their department’s accomplishments in the past year and outlining their goals for the new fiscal year.

Our Lady of Lourdes Outdoor Mass Planned

On Sunday, June 26, at 10:30, a.m. rain or shine, former parishioners of Our Lady of Lourdes  will be celebrating the Annual Outdoor Mass at the Our Lady of Lourdes Park in Beachmont on Endicott Ave.

There will be seating for 100 or one can bring their own chairs.  Fr. Wellington will be the celebrant  There will be a collation afterwards at the Knights of Columbus.  The mass is open to all.  While the parish of Our Lady of Lourdes closed in 2004, her Spirit and our journey of faith lives on.

Little Ricky Foundation Is Back

After a three-year absence, the Little Ricky Foundation annual event is back.  The event is planned on Saturday night October 22 at the Malden Moose.  Comedy, Dinner, Raffles, Live music and more will be on hand.

Proceeds this year will go to the Northshore Education Consortium Soar Program as well funds going to early childhood autism classrooms in Revere and Malden. 

More details will be coming.

Mass. Medical Society Urges Water Safety and Training for Swimmers

“Over the last few weeks, Massachusetts has seen several water-related tragedies and individuals running into trouble in the water.

“As the summer nears, the physicians of the Massachusetts Medical Society (MMS) strongly advise everyone to use caution and vigilance to avoid danger in and around the water. Many public and private settings in which swimming and other in-water activities occur have reported lifeguard positions are understaffed.

“Regardless of one’s proficiency as a swimmer or whether the lake, pool, or beach has a lifeguard on duty, adults should never swim alone and, importantly, never leave a child unsupervised in or around water. When watching children in the water, those supervising must dedicate 100 percent of their attention to keeping their eyes on those who are in or close to the water.

“Drownings can occur in just a matter of seconds.  Victims often struggle silently and may not yell, scream, flail or otherwise physically signal that they are in distress.

“Supervisors should never leave the area, nor should they become distracted by things like phones or books.  Do not consume alcohol or drugs when swimming or when responsible for watching others in or around water.  When boating, all participants should wear US Coast Guard-approved life jackets.

“If you own a pool or are visiting a pool, please make sure that all local safety requirements are being met, including and especially measures designed to ensure that children cannot gain access to an unsupervised pool.

“We strongly recommend that parents and guardians look into swimming lessons for children through the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), the YMCA or other local programs.  Additionally, please consider taking a course in CPR or renewing your CPR certification.

“We wish you a safe and happy summer.”

Tompkins Endorsed by Major Labor Unions

Suffolk County Sheriff Steve Tompkins  announced the support from some of Massachusetts ‘ biggest labor unions in his campaign for reelection. Tompkins has garnered widespread support for his work around addiction recovery and reentry services, and his role as a leader in the community.

“The Greater Boston Labor Council is proud to endorse Steve Tompkins for re-election as Suffolk County Sheriff. Steve has been a champion for union rights and Suffolk County is stronger because of his leadership on recovery and mental health services, civic engagement and community-centered public safety. On behalf of 100,000 greater Boston union members and their families, labor stands with Steve.” Said Darlene Lombos, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, GBLC

Over the course of his nine-plus years in the office, Sheriff Tompkins has brought passion and a commitment to supporting the rights of all workers. He has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the men and women who do this difficult, often thankless work of corrections in the fight for pay parity and equity in benefits for doing the same work as their state counterparts. 

“I’m so grateful for the labor unions who have endorsed me in my re-election. Organized labor is the backbone of society, playing a critical role in establishing fair wages, safe worksites & equitable workplaces. I look forward to our continued work together for a more vibrant, inclusive society.” Said Sheriff Tompkins

Other endorsements are listed:

Greater Boston Labor Council 

Boston Building Trades

North Atlantic States Regional Council of Carpenters

National Association of Government Employees (NAGE)

Laborers Local 22

Laborers Local 223

Laborers Local 151

Ironworkers Local 7

Teamsters Local 25

File of Life Document Considered a Lifesaver for Older Adults

Make sure you keep a File of Life in your home; it just might save your life.

Recently, a resident of a senior housing apartment building was having a health emergency. And when such emergencies happen, the primary information first responders ask for are medications and the individual’s medical history. However, in this case, it got complicated when the prescription bottles were in Chinese and the resident did not speak English. The spouse was understandably stressed trying to communicate information to the emergency team. The Mystic Valley Elder Services Resident Service Coordinator who works at the apartment complex immediately went to the refrigerator and was thrilled to find both of the tenants’ File of Life folders, each with their own Chinese character on it. Through visual signals, the spouse was able to indicate which one belonged to her husband in distress. The town’s Fire Lieutenant stated, “These are lifesavers!”

The File of Life is a red, magnetic packet that contains important medical information about the individual as well as list contact information for their doctor, family members, insurance information and any other special circumstances that rescue personnel should know. It is designed to help the local fire department, paramedics, and emergency rooms obtain the necessary medical history and emergency contact information in an emergency. It is kept in plain sight, usually on a refrigerator.

It should include:

• Existing conditions or chronic illnesses

• Current medications (including over-the-counter medications taken regularly) with dosages and schedules

• Allergies to any medications and food sensitivities

• Regular healthcare providers (names and phone numbers), including the primary care physician and any specialists, along with the specific conditions each specialist is addressing

• Special dietary considerations, such as low sodium, gluten-free, kosher, vegetarian

• Communication issues, such as confusion, speech or hearing impairments, language preferences

• Emergency contact information for trusted family members or friends

To attain a File of Life folder, visit or call your local Fire Department or call Mystic Valley Elder Services at 781-324-7705 or email [email protected] to have one mailed to you.

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