Revere Annual Summer Food Program Begins: Pauline Lyons Starts Her 24th Year As Its Director

 Pauline Lyons said as a child growing up in a family of seven living in public housing in the city, she would look forward to the lunches being dropped off each day.

Today Lyons is helping children across the city enjoy nutritious meals daily. Lyons works as the cafeteria manager at Rumney Marsh Academy during the school year and then takes on the role as director of the Summer Food Program. This is her 24th year in the director’s position.

“We serve about 30,000 lunches during the summer program at parks and schools across the city,” said Lyons proudly.

The program has been a tremendous success, attaining its goal of “serving nutritious meals thar are well balanced and supply the required nutrients that children need.”

Lyons oversees a momentous effort that provides lunches to the schools, Revere Housing Authority sites, the beach, and the parks. She credits a collaborative effort for the efficient operation of the program.

“We are able to run this program with the help of Mayor Brian Arrigo, Supt. of Schools Dr. Dianne Kelly and the School Department, Parks and Recreation, and my awesome summer staff that includes my assistant director, Kitty Adams, and our administrative assistant, Jeanette DiMasso,” said Lyons.

Lyons attended Revere schools, graduating from Revere High in 1977.

Reflecting on her unsung hero-caliber career that has been dedicated to the health and well-being of Revere’s children, Lyons offered, “I grew up in Revere and I love my job.”

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