Council Approves $175,000 Appropriation for Sand Sculpting Festival

The City Council unanimously approved a request by Chief Financial Officer Richard Viscay for a free cash appropriation of $175,00 for the annual Revere Sand Sculpting Festival held at Revere Beach.

The international competition that attracts the best sand sculptors in the world will be held in July. The Revere Beach Partnership coordinates the festival that has attracted more than one million visitors to the city in previous years.

Ward 4 Councillor Patrick Keefe said the festival is “a great event” but asked why the amount of the funding request increased by $50,000 from last year’s festival.

“After conversations with the Partnership, this is the amount that was requested,” said Viscay. “They’re hoping to have the best sandcastle festival yet, and this is the agreed upon amount that would help them get to that prerogative and we support it.” Viscay said inflation also contributed to the request for additional funding

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