Visconti Said Video Recorders of Council Meetings Must Make Request in Advance

Council President Gerry Visconti announced the implementation of new video recording rules for City Council meetings.

Visconti said the new rules were being adopted “due to some of the behavior that happened at our last meeting.”

“Anyone who wishes to record today’s meeting must approach the podium, provide your name and address for the record, and indicate what you are using for a recording device,” said Visconti.

He said members of the audience who refuse to obey the video recording regulations will be asked to leave the meeting. Those recording the meetings on video will have to sit in designated seats in the Council chambers.

Revere resident Wayne Rose spoke against the new regulations.

“This is not right – so we can’t pick and choose where we want to sit?” asked Rose. “This is a free country. We should be able to do this. It’s a public chamber.”

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