Letter to the Editor

Endorsing Anthony Cogliandro for Ward 3 Council

Dear Editor,

Anthony Cogliandro has been a family friend for a very long time.

I have watched Anthony volunteer his time to help out the people of our community an uncountable number of times. Anthony loves our community, and is passionate about helping people to become their best selves. 

The Revere Karate Academy was first opened by Anthony’s mom, Doreen, in 1980.  In its 41 years of operation, Anthony began karate with a white belt, and attained a 6th degree black belt. 

Anthony has mentored thousands of students at the Karate Academy over the last 26 years.  Taking the keys, never Doreen’s 10th Degree “Grandmaster” black belt, Anthony now runs the family business.  It is Anthony’s leadership and commitment to his students that teaches them the discipline they need to succeed.

I wholeheartedly support Anthony Cogliandro in his candidacy for

Ward 3 Revere City Councillor.  Anthony’s experience as a business owner and also as an instructor who has mentored thousands of students, nearly 3 generations, speaks volumes about his strong character. Anthony understands the fabric of this community and he is someone who can adapt to our city’s needs.

I ask you to join me in supporting Anthony Cogliandro in his candidacy for Ward 3 Revere City Council.  

Cogliandro added, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of Revere Councillor At Large, Steve Morabito, of my candidacy for Ward 3 City Councillor. Councillor Morabito is an asset to the City of Revere and his recognition of the hard work Team Cogliandro has put into this campaign motivates us to work even harder. Thank you.”

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