RLDC at Revere Karate Academy

The idea of converting karate studios into remote learning classrooms is catching on and Doreen DiRienzo is bringing the concept to Revere Karate Academy at the start of the Revere school year.

DiRienzo is one of the most decorated, international figures in the martial arts, having attained Grandmaster and world championship status during her legendary career.

She is also a former Revere schoolteacher and that led to her inspiration to launch the Remote Learning Day Camp (RLDC)  at the Revere Karate Academy for for the new school year.

On paper, it looks like a well-conceived and convenient alternative for working parents wishing to have a safe and spacious educational setting for their children beyond their homes. The possibility of students from the same grade and school attending DiRienzo’s Remote Learning Day Camp (RLDC) would seem to create the most attainable, classroom-style, academic experience available during the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

“It’s a place for parents to leave their kids while they work,” said DiRienzo. “The schedule will be school hours from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The kids bring their own electronic device and headphones and they do their schoolwork and we’ll give them recess and breaks and provide recreational activities in between their classes.”

DiRienzo said the RLDC Camp will start on the first day of the school year.

“I’ll be supervising the program at the Day Camp,” related DiRienzo, a licensed teacher. “We’re going to be enrolling a maximum of 20 students and if we get more than 10, then we’ll have two instructors. I will keep the students on task and make sure they’re staying focused and doing their class work. We will keep everything on a schedule.”

Of course, DiRienzo will be available to teach karate to students in a socially distanced environment following the day camp.

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