Major Storm Knocks Down Trees, But No Significant Damage Reported

Revere DPW Supt. Paul Argenzio said that the major rainstorm that hit Revere late Sunday afternoon (Aug. 23) knocked down a few trees and caused minor flooding, but there was no significant damage to homes in the city.

The fast-moving storm battered West Revere with high winds and torrential rains.

“We had 50 calls for trees and limbs down throughout the city, but it seems that West Revere and across from City Hall were the hardest-hit areas,” reported Argenzio.

“There were a few incidents in the Pines, but we really didn’t get calls from Beachmont or the Shirley Avenue area. There were some power lines down on Vane Street and we waited for National Grid to clear those.”

Customers at New Bridge Café, located just over the Revere-Chelsea line, waited inside the restaurant until the violent storm finally made its exit from the area.

At its meeting Monday night, the Revere City Council publicly commended Paul Argenzio and his crew for their swift and efficient response to the storm. By early Tuesday morning, all the debris and fallen branches had been removed from city streets.

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