Revere Commission on disabilities cracks down on unlawful motorists

Motorists illegally parking either in handicapped spaces or in the so-called “ladder” spots next to the handicapped spaces had the members of the Revere Commission on Disabilities sounding off at the March 10 meeting in the City Council Chambers at City Hall.  
The commissioners would like to see higher fines for motorists who park illegally in those spaces. Commissioner Pauline Perno said she would like to require that violators do community service as their fine.
Commissioners discussed the coming addition of four to five handicapped parking spaces at Harry Della Russo Stadium. The spaces  will be located in front of the stadium on Park Ave. Commission chairperson Ralph DeCiccio reported that money to stripe these spaces is coming from Child Safety funds and the work should be finished prior to the Revere High School graduation ceremony.
The commissioners wanted to note for the public’s information that the board does not physically put up or take down handicapped parking signs. However, the commission does act as a conduit to notify the Department of Public Works, which is responsible for installing and maintaining the signs, about signage issues.
Dimple Raina appeared before the commission to talk about the ongoing 2020 Census efforts in Revere. Raina pointed out how important it is to get everyone in Revere to fill out their census forms. The city’s share of federal funds for roadways, childcare programs, WIC programs, SNAP, and affordable housing, among other programs, depends upon an accurate and complete counting of Revere residents.
According to statistics, each household could bring into city coffers $2,300 in additional federal funds. Commissioner Michelle DeBellis pointed out that it is important to have local immigrants take the census.
“They must feel that they will be safe and that their information will be confidential and not shared,” said DeBellis, noting that the information provided by individuals is locked away for 70 years. She also pointed out that there are several places for people to fill out the 2020 Census, including a kiosk at City Hall and on computers at the public library.
Perno added that a count of the city’s homeless is scheduled to occur on March 22. In addition, DeCiccio mentioned that he feels the count of Revere citizens with disabilities is grossly under-reported. 
The commissioners ended the meeting by reading into the record the following:
The Commission on Disabilities has office hours on Fridays from 8:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. in the Veterans Service Office in the rear of the Legion Building at 249R Broadway, which is next door to City Hall. You can call for an appointment if you would like, but do not need one. You will be able to talk to someone from our 311 Constituent Service Center on other days when you call our office at 781-286-8267. They will be able to answer most questions, but if they are unable to or if you would like a call back from their office, they can transfer you to the Disability offices voicemail and someone will get back to you as soon as they can. Also, let them know if you would like something discussed or brought up and added to their monthly meeting agenda. The Commission is here to help and assist all the disabled residents and families of Revere.

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