Licensing Commission Suspends License

The License Commission has suspended the liquor store license of D & L Discounts Liquors, 653 Broadway, for two days, Nov. 26 and Nov. 27. after a former employee was caught dealing drugs on the job.

According to store manager Magdy Ghaly, it was true that an employee he had for a short time of four weeks had been arrested and charged with dealing heroin and cocaine. The employee was arrested on Oct. 2 by the Revere Gang Unit

Ghaly said he knew nothing and hasn’t had a problem in the 20 years he’s owned his business.

“There’s no benefit at all for someone like him to work for me,” Ghaly said.

Commission Chairman Robert Selevitch noted that the business has been cited in the past for selling to underage patrons.

“It doesn’t sound like management is under control,” Selevitch said, even though the owner is on the premises and monitors his business via telephone.

Ghaly said a previous employee had recommended the employee and he did not conduct a background check thoroughly. Ghaly added that he even uses an identification scanner in the store.

“We want you to run a clean business for the city and yourself,” Selevitch said.

Commissioner Linda Guinasso said the business is in a residential area and in the area of two schools.

“This won’t be tolerated in this city,” Guinasso said.


In other commission business:

The commission was given updates in licenses held by D’Amelio’s Off the Boat Restaurant and the Revere Lodge of the Local Order if Moose #1272. In both instances had a change in member and management and never contacted the License Commission about the changes.

“I find it troubling you haven’t been forth coming,” Selevitch said about D’Amelio’s. “And your last application to the commission was weak.”

Antonietta D’Amelio, manager, explained that they are waiting on refinancing and paying off $14,000 in fees to the Department of Revenue.

The Moose Lodge, 470 Broadway, is also going through some changes that effect the liquor license. Commissioner Guinasso admitted she was a member of the Lodge and had been for 30 years, but she added, the situation before the commission had no bearing. Things got so bad for the club that Moose International had to be brought in to make sure operations were being properly conducted.

Kelly Freeman, the Moose clerk, admitted the bar has been running for nine months without a manager. The previous manager, Wesley Clemons, has moved to Florida. It was noted that the social club had lost half its members and the club was behind in lottery payments, city taxes and water and sewer charges.

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