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Two East Boston women have been charged with working together to set up a local business manager to conduct an armed robbery.

On Oct. 26, the business owner was taking a cash deposit to the bank in Revere. As had been the custom, he was giving one of the employees a ride home, but stopping at the bank beforehand.

Little did he know, though, that the employee was allegedly working with her roommate to set him up.

Around 10:30 p.m., the man was taking the deposit into the bank when a masked women confronted him with a knife. She demanded he hand over the money, which he did, and she fled.

The incident was reported to police, and detectives began a thorough investigation.

Soon, the learned that – allegedly – the two women were working together to commit the robbery.

Both were charged in a joint venture on Nov. 2.

“This was good work by detectives to find a suspect and make an arrest,” said Capt. Amy O’Hara.

Kimberly Kelly, 44, of East Boston, was charged with armed and masked robbery and one warrant.

Elizabeth Daniels, 45, of East Boston, was charged with armed and masked robbery.



An elderly man is recovering from serious injuries he sustained from a hit and run driver last Saturday, Oct. 27, while in a crosswalk outside the Market Basket.

Around 6 p.m., the 80-year-old man was coming out of the store with a cart and in the crosswalk. Immediately, a truck made a left and crashed into the man, toppling the carriage and sending him to the ground. The driver opened the door slightly and asked if the man was okay. When the man nodded, the driver took off.

Witnesses, however, were able to get a license plate and good descriptions.

The man indicated he was alright, but a family member was able to convince him to go to the hospital, where it was learned he was very seriously hurt.

Police were able to identify the driver using witness information.

Robert Madore, 45, of 62A Lincoln St., was charged with leaving the scene of personal injury, operating with a suspended license, and crosswalk violation.



A Chelsea man was summonsed after leading police on a chase Sunday that ended up with him plowing into the fence at Woodlawn Cemetery.

Around 2 a.m., police observed the truck speeding past cars on Broadway in the wrong lane of traffic. Police began to follow and observed him to run a red light too.

Officers tried to make a traffic stop, but the chase was on.

The man took a right on Mountain Avenue and blew through stop signs on the street until he arrived a Washington Avenue – where he continued straight into the cemetery fence.

That put an end to the chase.

Orlando Bernier, 32, of Chelsea, was charged with failure to stop, operating recklessly, passing violation, failing to stop, and malicious destruction of property under $1,200.



A Revere man has been charged in a zany incident that took place on Sunday at the Walgreens.

The man was in the store at 7:15 p.m. when he allegedly stole four water bottles and some Q-Tips. A security officer confronted him outside about the items, and the man began yelling that he was being harassed.

He took out a pocket knife and began waving it around, dropping his cell phone and the knife at one point.

He fled the scene, but left one shoe behind.

When police arrived, the man was found at the Fire Station, along with another man. Both had a very different story.

Police investigated and charged the Q-Tipper.

The second man had no clear connection to the matter, but had warrants.

David Sena, 32, of 244 Lincoln St., was charged with shoplifting and assault with a dangerous weapon.

Amaury Silva, 37, homeless, was arrested on one warrant.



A Somerville man has been charged on Oct. 31 with vandalism after he allegedly broke into the Revere tow lot that yanked his car on Oct. 29 – allegedly to break into his car.

The man had his car towed from Overlook Ridge by Action Towing on Oct. 29, a situation that erupted into a disagreement. However, the tow company did get away peacefully.

Two days later, they found the car had been vandalized on their lot.

A review of the video showed it was the man who had been at Overlook Ridge. He was shown going into the car for something.

Michael Henderson, 59, of Somerville, was charged with trespassing and malicious destruction of property under $1,200.



Roodney Alex Orcel, 24, of Everett, was arrested on an outstanding warrant and on a charge of operating a motor vehicle after his right to operate had been suspended (subsequent offense).

Rosa Morales, 38, of Chelsea, was arrested on charges of shoplifting (third offense) and using a disguise to obstruct justice.



Joseph A. Strazzulla, 53, of 256 Cushman Ave., was arrested on charges of assault and battery upon a family or household member and assault and battery upon a person over the age of 60.

Meda Kraja, 29, of Winthrop, was arrested on a charge of larceny of property under $1,200 by a single scheme.

Kimberly K. Kelly, 44, of East Boston, was arrested on an outstanding warrant and on a charge of robbery while armed and masked.

Elizabeth K. Daniels, 45, of East Boston, was arrested on a charge of robbery while armed and masked.



Peter Ssembatya, 33, of 540 Revere Beach Parkway, was arrested on charges of assault and battery upon a family or household member and causing malicious damage to property under $1,200.

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