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Dear Editor,

What a night! The Great Beachmont Monster Mash, sponsored by the Beachmont Improvement Committee (BIC), was a huge success – thanks to hard work and generous donors.

We are grateful to everyone that attended our event and for those who donated money and/or gift cards: HYM (Suffolk Downs Developers), REDGATE (Shaw’s site developers), Fairmont Copley Plaza, Antique Table, Beachmont Liquors, Beachmont Roast Beef, the Independent Press, Jac’s Cafe, Kelly’s Roast Beef, Kinship Floral, La Esquina Del Sabor, Luigi’s Pizza, Madison Real Estate, Marina Restaurant, Mercurio Brothers Landscaping, Nick’s on the Beach, RevereBeach.com, Stop and Shop, TLC Salon, Mayor Brian Arrigo, Counillors Joanne McKenna and Anthony Zambuto.  A special thank you to June and the VFW for their service and fantastic decorations.

The costume contest winners were: first place $250 – “HEAD ON A TABLE;” second place $200 – “BEAUTY SCHOOL DROP OUTS;” third place $100 – “VOODOO WOMAN with her VOODOO DOLL MAN;” honorable mention went to “THE MINIONS.” The 50/50 raffle was donated back to the BIC, thank you Carol Tye.

All money raised at this event will go directly into community improvements by the BIC.

Beachmont Improvement Committee


HYM Project Transparency and Process

Dear Editor,

Recently, City Councilor George Rotundo requested that the Suffolk Downs Development Advisory Group (DAG), the Peer Review Group (PRG) and the Project Review Board (PRB) attend a meeting of the Revere City Council Committee of the Whole to conduct a hearing, specifically to address traffic mitigation plans as part of that presentation.

As requested, HYM presented and overview of the Suffolk Downs project to the council with a focus on Traffic mitigation plans.  After the presentation, each of the councilors provided comments and asked questions regarding the project.

As a member of the DAG, I attended the meeting, as requested, and listened as they all commented on the presentation and asked questions. Being a member of the DAG, I was very interested in hearing their feedback regarding the plans. For the most part I was encouraged by many of comments and questions I heard. However, I do have a concern regarding the “Transparency” and “Process” issues raised by Councilor Rotundo and feel compelled to comment on them.

In his comments he said: “My basic premise in this whole process has to be transparency”, he also stated that he had a “problem with the process”, that “people don’t have a clear idea what is going to take place” and that we need to “get HYM before the camera more providing public information”. He also stated that neighborhood meetings were not enough and that what has been televised isn’t watched because people would prefer to get their information from watching city council meetings.

If members of the city council truly thought it were necessary to hold HYM project updates at each their meetings, HYM has indicated they would be more than willing to do that. However, I think it is fair to ask, “Is it effective use of the city council’s time to be scheduling HYM Project updates or more Committee of the Whole meetings for presentations of information that is available elsewhere and that council members and the public already have access to?”

If Councilor Rotundo believes, that the process needed more coverage, why wait till now, 5 months into the process, at a point in time where a Public Hearing is going to be held on the project? As a member of the DAG, he has had every opportunity throughout the process to voice his concerns and make suggestions regarding the process and its transparency.

In regard to transparency and process, this has been the most open and transparent process I’ve seen in my lifetime in this city, and most of the comments I heard from the other councilors and others within and outside of the city agree. HYM has attended and conducted over 300 meetings so far, many of them with city councilors. If there is any group or neighborhood in the city that has not had an opportunity to hear about the project or talk with HYM in a meeting they need only to ask and HYM will be there. The DAG meetings, have also been open for residents to attend, listen to and ask questions about the information being presented.

Information about the project is, and has been, widely available throughout the process. DAG meetings are recorded and televised on Revere-TV Channel 9 and on YouTube. The City of Revere website also publishes all the information you will need to understand this project. If you can’t find it on the website or you have questions that can’t be answered by the information presented, residents can contact the City’s call center (311) or call their city councilor.

It is also important to note that the “process” is not yet completed. The Public Hearing on the MYM Project PUD is the end of the beginning not the beginning of the end. Those of us who have been working on this effort are here because we are fully committed to ensuring, that an open and collaborative process with the city, the community and the HYM development team will continue as this project continues to evolve

This is the most transformational project to affect the City of Revere in our lifetimes. With projects the size of this one, there are many impacts to consider, and issues to address. As such, a project with this level of impact warrants a high level of cooperation, collaboration, information sharing and calm, open dialogue by all key participants in the process. We need to ensure that we get facts straight, vet issues and work together to make sure that this development will serve the interests of the city in general, and the residents most affected by it.

More information is always a good thing and perhaps more information can be provided in other ways as we move forward. That being said, and as I stated earlier, I believe that up to this point there has been an honest and effective effort on the part of everyone involved, to get the information out there. For the councilor to wait till now to and to publicly insinuate that there has been a lack of transparency, or that there is a problem with the process, tends to be disruptive at a time where we all need to be more collaborative.

Edward Deveau

Member – Development Advisory Group

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