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Just Follow the Ash Plume

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on Ms. Loretta LaCentra letter of Jan. 24 on the expansion of the Wheelabrator ash landfill.

Ms. Loretta LaCentra is absolutely in the right for seeking additional testing for the ash landfill.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) provisional decision on Wheelabrator’s recent approval to place additional ash in the existing landfill falls in my opinion short of the Revere and Saugus health concerns. Ms. Loretta LaCentra has voiced the concerns of the residents of Oak Island, Revere Beach Boulevard., and the Point of Pines Area.  There are specific conditions placed on upon Wheelabrator and the company’s 140-acre ash landfill in Saugus, but falls short of not monitoring the groundwater quality. This just goes to illustrate the continued concerns of the failure to properly monitor and track groundwater quality in the area surrounding the Wheelabrator ash landfill.

CLF Atty. Kirstie Peci has called for Water monitoring. Ms. Debra Panetta, chair of the Saugus board of selectmen, said particles in the ash allegedly contain cadium, lead, mercury, and other cancer-causing chemicals into our air and groundwater.”

CLF’s notice calls for the immediate monitoring of groundwater in the vicinity of the ash landfill to determine various levels of these and other harmful compounds. I call on the Revere City Council, Revere’s state representatives and Mayor Brian Arrigo to ask for needed grant money that is available for scientific studies that helps make decisions to concerned communities. These available grants would help us achieve our main concern and overall mission: to protect human health and the environment in the Revere and surrounding communities.

We need to seek available funding, to monitor and track groundwater quality in the area surrounding the company’s ash landfill in Saugus.

John R. Correggio

Former Revere School Committee & City


Retired Revere Fire


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