Another Landmark is Gone

The spectacular fire over the weekend that destroyed the landmark Sozio appliance store on Squire Road has removed yet another iconic business from our cityscape.

For almost 70 years, Sozio’s served Revere and surrounding communities. Long before Walmart and the big-box stores arrived on the scene, the Revere Sozio’s, which was the first among a small chain of Sozio’s stores in the Greater Boston area, pioneered a retail shopping experience that made it successful in the post-World War II era.

The building itself on Squire Road was attention-grabbing. As children, we could not help but look at the eye-catching signage as we drove along Squire Road in our parents’ station-wagon. Even today, Sozio’s stood out, sporting its 1950s-era decor that made it unique in the retail landscape.

We daresay there is barely any longtime family from Revere, Malden, Chelsea, and other nearby communities who did not purchase an appliance at some time from Sozio’s.

We were pleased to read that  Mr. Sozio, the 91-year-old owner of the business, said he intends to rebuild on the site. We wish him the best in this endeavor and look forward to a new Sozio’s in the near-future.

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