High Standards for Revere

By Mayor Brian Arrigo, Senator Joe Boncore, Representative RoseLee Vincent, City Councilor President Jessica Giannino, Councilors Bob Haas, Steve Morabito, Ira Novoselsky, Patrick Keefe, John Powers, Arthur Guinasso and Joanne McKenna, and School Committee Members Susan Gravellese, Carol Tye, Stacey Rizzo, Michael Ferrante, Fred Sanella and Dan Maguire


As community leaders, we hold high standards for the future of our City.

A fly-by-night proposal to build a slot parlor does not meet those standards.

The slot parlor proposal presented to the city was poorly written, poorly conceived and haphazardly concocted, with no details provided about contributions to the city, transportation upgrades, infrastructure improvements, jobs for Revere residents, or mitigation for traffic or crime.

This group’s work is so shoddy, they even listed the wrong address on the local ballot referendum, apparently because the out-of-state proponents attempted to locate the site via Google Maps.

The proponents have not been remotely forthcoming about who they are or how they are funded. Usually, developers would brag about the jobs they have created, the businesses they have built, and the successes they have had. This group is telling us nothing about any track record they have developing successful gaming entities.

The money to support this ballot question is coming from a Delaware-based corporation called “Capital Productions LLC,” which provides no information about who they are or what they do. I can’t help but wonder why the people pushing this ballot initiative are not being up front about their track record. Voters should wonder too.

This proposal has not earned the support of a single Revere elected official to date. Their only elected supporter is an out-of-state city councilor from Maine, who seems intent on coming in to our community and telling our elected leaders and residents what is in our best interest.

Revere leaders have been unified in vocal opposition to this plan, which will set back our city in our attempts to build a new image and a new economy. Boasting three MBTA stops and America’s first public beach, Revere has an exciting opportunity to build a real, sustainable, 21st-century economy.

This debate is not about being for or against gaming. This debate is about being for good ideas and against bad ideas. This slot proposal is simply a bad idea for our community.

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