Thank You, Attorney General Maura Healey and Bob Kraft

There are few people who can get an entire high school to suspend teaching in the classroom and then hold a general assembly where the students are attentive for the entire talk.

That is what happened on Tuesday afternoon, when Attorney General Maura Healey, and Bob Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots gave up their afternoon to come to Revere High to talk to the more than 1,800 students about domestic violence.

Kraft related to the students when he talked about the importance of teamwork whether it is football or in ending domestic violence.

Teamwork is perhaps the most important message.

Domestic violence has become an epidemic among many families.  Some women suffer the abuse out of shame.  Some women suffer the abuse out of having nowhere to go for help. And some suffer the abuse and die.

These are the facts in simple terms for a very complex problem.

The reason for domestic violence is never simple. Some men commit the abuse because this is what they saw when they were growing up.  And others commit the abuse because of socio-economic environment.

Whatever the reason, it takes a team of families and agencies working together to stop this abuse.

The students at Revere High were told about the tools to stop domestic violence.  Fortunately they heard this message from two individuals who continue to make a difference in improving the lives of countless others.

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