Making His Televison Debut


Eustis Street resident John Gioioso recently made the news in the most literal sense. More than a year ago, he and his son, also John Gioioso, attended a Red Sox game and sat next to the Channel 5 box. Being a social type of guy, Gioioso made friends with several members of the Channel 5 team. Last month, they contacted him for a behind the scenes tour of the newscast and the Chronicle show. Gioioso, who worked for decades in the fashion industry, was kind enough to provide a pocket square to Chronicle host Anthony Everett, which Everett wore that night on air.
“Our friend John Gioioso really sharpened me up,” Everett said on air that night, pointing to the pocket square. He is pictured here with the entire Channel 5 news team during their 6 p.m. newscast.
Way to go John!

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