No Let Up In the Race For Mayor:Rizzo,Arrigo Intensify Their Campaigns In Effort to Get Their Messages Out to Voters

The race for the corner office is on.

Mayor Dan Rizzo and Councillor-at-Large Brian Arrigo have begun campaigning for the general election for the Office of Mayor that is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 3.

The two candidates earned their nominations by finishing 1-2 in the Preliminary Election Sept. 1, with Rizzo taking the top spot by 114 votes.

That margin was smaller than had been predicted by many political observers, setting up what looms as one of the most exciting mayoral elections in years.

Councillor-at-Large Robert Haas Jr., who won four consecutive two-year terms as mayor including one in which he had lost the primary by more than 1,000 votes, expects the final election to be “very spirited after a very tight finish” in the primary.

“Danny said he’s going to take off the gloves so it’s going to be a spirited campaign for the next seven weeks,” said Haas.

Both Rizzo and Arrigo said they will continue to work hard in their campaigns, hosting sign-holdings and other campaign events in an effort to earn residents’ votes  in November.

“We will continue to spread our positive message and engage voters through dozens of stand outs, phone banks and canvasses scheduled for the coming weeks,” said Rizzo. “I will be out every day knocking on the doors and speaking with voters about our shared vision for Revere’s bright future.”

Arrigo, who has named Greg Maynard as his new campaign manager, said he hopes to carry on the momentum from his strong showing in the Preliminary Election.

“We are very pleased with the outcome of the Preliminary Election,” said Arrigo. “We had obviously built a lot of momentum and overcame a lot of expectations in terms of how big the gap was going to be between myself and Mayor Rizzo. We had a good showing and now we’re focused on November and making sure that the momentum we have built continues.

Rizzo said he will highlight the accomplishments of his administration over the past four years.

“It has been a tremendous honor and a privilege to serve as Mayor over this great city for the last four years. I believe we have many accomplishments to be proud of including a 15 percent reduction in crime and having the best schools of any city in the region. The opening of the Harry Della Russo Stadium on Sept. 11 will be a great event and will highlight another of those accomplishments.”

The grand opening of the spectacular new stadium is expected to draw a huge crowd. Arrigo said he will be in attendance at the event.

Arrigo, who has resumed knocking on doors, said, “I’m in the race to win. What the [Preliminary] election tells me is that our message of an open and honest dialogue with the residents and having strong management practices and the ability to reach people and to talk to people and get them engagement – that message is not only being heard, but it’s being embraced by a lot of people.

“People are looking for a little more energy, they’re looking for some new ideas, and I think they’re look for some new blood.

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