Revere Police ‘Park and Ride’ Initiative

The Revere Police Department’s initiative of having patrol officers carrying bikes on their cruisers and then patrolling the neighborhoods on those bicycles has been working well since its implementation.

The June 30 incident in which officer Doug Zingali – while doing patrols on his bicycle – was able to assist an elderly woman in a medical emergency – was an example of the plan’s effectiveness and the quick response by the RPD.

During the summer months especially when people are sitting on their porches or in their backyards, it gives residents’ a greater sense of safety when there is a police officer patrolling the neighborhood on a bicycle.  An officer on a bicycle can navigate congested areas – such as in a playground or alleyway – that a cruiser might not be able to reach.

Police Chief Joe Cafarelli is right on the mark when he says that a police officer on a bicycle provides a better way for a direct connection between a police officer and a resident. The last time Revere had a dedicated bicycle force was approximately 15 years ago. Chief Cafarelli is re-launching what was a good idea then – and what looks like an even better idea now with the superior technology (for example, cell phones) that we now have today.

We know the ‘Park and Ride’ patrol program idea has received the support of Mayor Dan Rizzo (who delivered funds for the program though child safety grants) and we commend the mayor and the police chief for implementing an initiative that will help make our residents safer and more connected with our police officers.

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