Pruitt’s Remaining on School Board Causing Rift

On Thursday night, Revere High School graduates its senior class and on Tuesday night the School Committee will meet to say farewell to the superintendent and farewell to a woman who has been deeply involved in the city.

Dr. Paul Dakin, superintendent of schools retires on Tuesday and the committee will also honor Kitty Bowman, director of Revere Cares. A member of the committee hopes the happy events won’t be overshadowed.

Several members of the Revere School Committee would like member Donna Wood Pruitt to resign from the School Committee due to charges she faces this month for allegedly selling unwanted prescription medication via Facebook.

But Pruitt hasn’t resigned, opting to stay in her position and put her fate in the hands of the voters in the November election.

A school official has said if Pruitt were a student, teacher or principal there would be immediate ramifications, even if the person had only been accused and not yet judged in court.

The simple reason why the School Committee has its hands tied is that there is no precedent for this situation, according to one member. According to rumors, Pruitt plans to attend graduation Thursday night and the final School Committee meeting Tuesday night.

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