A Good Job Handling Snowstorms

We’ve seen record-setting snowfall in the past week, creating difficult challenges for our Department of Public Works crews who have been working around the clock to remove the snow from the streets and roadways.

It was a monumental assignment and there is even more snow in the forecast for this week and next.

What we noticed from the Blizzard of 2015 – in comparison to the historic Blizzard of 1978 – was that our meteorologists gave us ample warning that such a devastating storm was heading our way. Our Boston TV weather forecasters were right on the mark in predicting the blizzard.

The back-to-back snowstorms – which brought more than 40 inches of snow to our region -represented another test for Mayor Dan Rizzo, who administered and steered our city so well in the immediate aftermath of the July 28 tornado.

And once again, Mayor Rizzo and his staff, DPW employees, and our Police and Fire Department leaders and personnel responded very well to the historic, snowy conditions. Their combined efforts are worthy of commendation.

We agreed with Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Dakin’s decision to close our schools until it was deemed safe for our schoolchildren to navigate the sidewalks and walkways leading to the school buildings. Dakin reasoned that with many residents’ sidewalks not fully shoveled, it was best to close the schools for multiple days.

We in New England are accustomed to the wintry conditions that exist here. The long-time residents have been though many snowstorms through the years. They will tell you that patience is of the utmost importance during events such as last week’s blizzard.

All in all, Revere weathered the storm well and the good news is that spring – Red Sox spring training at least –  is just around the corner.

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