City Salaries in Line With Area Trends

The annual Top 100 List of salaries for Revere city employees appears in this week’s Revere Journal. The list reveals that more than 168 employees earned more than $100,000.

Our story follows a Boston Globe story that indicated that 10,500 state employees were paid more than $100,000 last year.

These salaries are indicative of the trend of higher salaries being paid to city employees statewide. In these times, it is important to give people what their services are worth. Many will look at the salaries and deduce that the numbers are high, but this is the reality in municipal government in Massachusetts.

It is also important to reward our employees for their excellence and in an effort to retain them so our city can continue to move forward.

For example, in Superintendent of Schools Dr. Paul Dakin, we are fortunate to have one of the most innovative and forward-thinking school administrators in the state. Revere has become a nationally recognized model for an urban school system and Dr. Paul Dakin has led the way – to the benefit of all our schoolchildren.

Police Chief Joe Cafarelli is another fine example of the value of positive leadership and institutional change.

Many of our top earners are members of the Police and Fire Departments and no on can dispute their immense contributions to our public safety – which are so vital to all residents in our city. These men and women truly put their best efforts forward in preserving our safety and security, often confronting dangerous situations that test their character and courage on a daily basis.

(For a complete list of the city payroll, please visit the Revere Journal Web site at

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