Letter to the Editor

Senior Center has many supporters

Dear Editor:

The Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center is fortunate to have many “friends” who are extremely supportive of our seniors in Revere. During November, in particular, we were especially ecstatic because some very special people mentioned below. These folks are very special and always willing to give of themselves without reciprocal expectations.

Thank you to Mayor Dan Rizzo. He is always attentive to senior needs. Since the July 28th tornado, we have been without heat and air-conditioning units. The state bidding process has been slow and, at times, frustrating. However, Mayor Rizzo has been in the forefront to expedite the process and resolve this as much as he can. He is totally committed to ensuring senior needs are met.

Thank you to Speaker of the House, Rep. Robert DeLeo for sponsoring “The Senior Tones” at our Halloween luncheon as well as providing Halloween cakes and raffles on Thursday, October 30th. It was a fantastic day with over one-hundred seniors enjoying lunch, raffles, and entertainment. Also thank you to his terrific staff.

Thank you to Saber Abouealala, owner of the Good Diner, for providing a full-course turkey dinner to approximately 100 seniors on November 19th. Saber is a truly generous man who supports the Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center and is always ready to help those in need. We are so lucky to have a friend like Saber.

Thank you to Bob Dunbar and his crew of Revere TV. Bob is always providing us TV airtime for announcements, bulletin information, event promotion, interviews, etc. Recently he spent a day taping the Senior Walk-Through Tour – 2014, editing, and airing it on the community cable channel. We certainly appreciate his support of the Rossetti-Cowan senior Center. This month Bob, Bobby, and Jessica of Revere TV also gave their time to tape our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner. Seniors love viewing themselves on TV.

Thank you to Carol DeSantis of the First Congregational Church. Carol continues to donate food and bakery goods to the Center for our seniors. She is very humble about it and is so willing to share. It is very heart-warming to know that people care about our seniors.

On behalf of the entire Rossetti-Cowan Senior Center staff, volunteers, and seniors,

Stephen W. Fielding

Director, Office of Elder Affairs

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