Thanksgiving Brings about a Year of Better Health

When people think about Thanksgiving , usually the first thing that comes into their thoughts is “food, family, and an amazing after dinner nap to be well rested for Black Friday shopping.”

But, where did the real meaning of this holiday diminish to? Although, right in the name- often forgotten is to realize the true meaning- what they are thankful for. As this year comes to a close, I like to reflect on what I am truly thankful for. This year, that happens to be my heath becoming stable after five long years of trying to figure out what was wrong. Although I still do not have a name or a diagnosis for what is wrong with me, I have a fix. The fix happens to be a Cecostomy tube, which gave my body a complete 180-degree turn for the better. From the changes I have had compared to last year, I am forever thankful. Yes, I do have a plastic part coming out of the right side of my stomach, but at this point it does not matter.

I am healthy.

I do not have fluctuating weight problems; I do not have massive stomach pains for hours at time. I write for the Huffington Post, and I am graduating from high school without all of this pain in my body. I am living life as a normal teenager, enjoying my senior year, and being able to go above and beyond where I was last year – sickly, miserable, and exhausted.

This Thanksgiving , I hope everyone will have a moment just to think about where he or she was last year compared to now? There is always something that stands out for the years to come, so what is it this year? Whether it’s something major such as my surgery, or even a little something like getting a new sweater. In some way, everyone is thankful for something. So remember when you’re preparing for Black Friday shopping, or just enjoying masses of turkey; give thanks to whatever came your way this year or, perhaps, even decades ago.

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