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Thank you for donations

To all the citizens of Revere,

On behalf of the men and women who serve in the United States Armed Forces overseas, we offer our heartfelt gratitude for your generous donations, especially the toothbrushes and toothpaste that were donated by the dental offices and citizens of the city.

Because of your thoughtfulness, in just two months time, we sent more than one hundred boxes to our troops in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait, filled with oral hygiene products and other items that were requested at this time. The monetary donations we received were forwarded to Operation Troop Support to help defray the cost of postage to mail packages and to purchase other items on the “most requested” list sent by the troops.

The Revere Department of Veterans’ Services accepts items and monetary donations at all times for our troops.

Thank you,

Nicholas Bua, Director of Veterans’ Services

Donna Dreeszen,

 Veterans’ Services

Lack of Local Support for Kids with Special Needs

Dear Editor:

On Wednesday, Sept. 17, I attended the Second Annual Kids of Abilities baseball game at Saint Mary’s Field in Revere. The event was free for all including the food and drinks. It was a chance to see some wonderful children who have autism and downs syndrome play a game of baseball. The event is supported by Mayor Dan Rizzo, Michael Hinojosa of The Revere Recreation Center, and the Little Ricky Foundation.

I was appalled that not one elected official, outside the Mayor and State Rep. RoseLee Vincent attended this event. Also, Dan Maguire and Stacey Rizzo were in attendance from the School Committee. There are 11 elected City Councillors, and not one showed their support for these kids and their families by attending. There are six School Committee officials and only two of six were in attendance.

This event was highly publicized in the local papers including the Revere Journal. It was also posted on several social media websites, and in Mayor Rizzo’s monthly newsletter. So I find it hard to believe that they did not hear about it. I know some had prior commitments, but two out of 17 elected city officials showing up to support a special needs event is hard to believe. There were no requests of donations, only asking them to grab some free food, sit in the stands for a half hour, and applaud the children as they hit the ball. This is not rocket science. This was a simple form of support and respect for the children, their families, and Rick Freni and his foundation, The Little Ricky Foundation, which by the way is the only organization in the city that has been helping kids with special needs.

I have lost a lot of respect for our elected officials. I am sure many will be attending the memorial down the beach for those that have lost their lives to drug use, which is a great memorial. I too have lost a few friends to drugs and suicide. However, to not show up at Saint Mary’s last Wednesday to show support for dozens of Revere children afflicted with lifelong disabilities was disheartening, disrespectful, and unbelievable. I know it’s not an election year for the councilors and school committee but I will make sure everyone remembers what they did NOT do on Wednesday September 17, 2014. Finally I would like to congratulate all the children who participated in the game for a job well done. I cannot wait to see you all play again next year.

Ralph DeCicco

 and Friends

Thanks Speaker DeLeo

To the Editor:  

Thank you and kudos to House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo for membership in the Legislative Boating Caucus at the State House.  The tens of thousands of men and women who make their living in recreational boating businesses, such as marinas and boatyards and boat dealerships, as well as the hundreds of thousands of boaters, are fortunate to have this fine representation.

Thank you!

Jamy Buchanan Madeja, Esq.

Counsel, Mass Marine Trades Association

Question where Revere is now?

Dear Editor,

Mayor Dan Rizzo entered office with millions of dollars in the Rainy Day Fund, a substantial amount of escrow in the city insurance account, and a $141 million budget. He promised more development in Revere, that he would collaborate with municipal government and local business leaders to create a Broadway Business Fund, which would be used to transform Broadway into a thriving district that will appeal to a diverse customer base. Likewise Mayor Rizzo also stated he would capitalize on Revere’s state designation as an Economic Target Area to create new employment opportunities. Moreover, Mayor Rizzo noted that in the face of anticipated budget shortages in the 2012 fiscal year, that the City of Revere must conduct careful organizational and financial restructuring, eliminating wasteful spending and identifying new sources of revenue. These are a few of many promises made by our Mayor.

Fast forward to today October 2014 we have a bloated budget of 161 million dollars, new positions in City Hall that are not needed, no substantial new economic development other than what was started by former Mayor Ambrosino with less than $150,000 in new growth and almost a million dollars on lights to promote a Broadway district that has fewer stores open since Mayor Rizzo came into office. Recently during the September 15, 2014 Revere City Council meeting, Mayor Rizzo and his administration stated that the City of Revere had plans for economic development and plans to develop Revere. The Mayor and his administration stated that the casino was not the main focus of their plans but just part, in which Councilor Brian Arrigo asked John Festa and Mayor Rizzo for those plans.

In closing I am concerned at the City of Revere’s ability to meet its bond obligations in the setting of little growth, the loss of the rental car surcharge revenue, a budget that has grown out of control, a multi-million dollar water and sewer EPA decree and a Mayor more focused on spending a million dollars on his office while squandering the millions of dollars left in reserve by former Mayor Ambrosino. This could leave the City in a position of desperation in which a state bailout or drastic cuts in services, and possibly a Prop 2 ½ override vote, will be the only answer for a mayor that has gambled Revere’s resource and future on Casino gaming.

George Rotondo

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