Revere’s Schools Are Revere’s Pride

It’s rapidly becoming apparent – if it’s not already – that Superintendent of Revere Schools Dr. Paul Dakin has built one of the finest public school systems in the state.

The latest accomplishment – that the Revere school district is the only urban school system to reach Level 2 status – reaffirms that Dakin’s vision, leadership, and innovative approach to education are on the mark and our schools are providing the best possible academic experience for our students.

We must also commend Assistant Superintdent of Schools Diane Kelly for her leadership and expertise in relation to the improved MCAS test scores.

Dr. Dakin’s job – and that of any leader of an urban school system – is a challenging one on a daily basis. It’s so important that our students become motivated to excel in their studies so they will be in a position to attend the college of their choice – and Revere’s dedicated administrators and schoolteachers are working hard every day to ensure that students can compete for positions at colleges throughout the nation.

Noelle MacDonald is but one shining example of the outstanding students that the Revere school system is producing every year. Noelle is a freshman at the Yale University, one of the most prestigious schools in the world. Noelle clearly excelled in the classroom but also took advantage of other extracurricular opportunities at the high school and benefited from having supportive teachers and a helpful guidance department.

The new schools in our city have also bolstered our students’ overall experience and we are excited about the new James Hill Elementary School being built on Park Avenue at the site of the former Hill Park.

A new school year has started and with Supt. Dakin at the helm of our 7,000-student population, our school system is the envy of other urban school districts.

The success of our school system bodes well for the entire community at-large, increasing property values and making Revere a desirable place to live for families with school age children.

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