Runner Looks at Marathon Re-run

Last year, as Revere’s Jalon Fowler passed the 21st mile in the 26-mile Boston Marathon, State Troopers descended onto the racecourse and abruptly put an end to her race.

There was confusion and a lot unanswered questions that Fowler now knows the answers to all too well – that being someone had set a bomb off at the finish line of the race.

“We had just passed mile 21 and the State Troopers came out and said ‘The race is over,’” she said. “We were confused, but we had to stop. I did not finish, but this year I’m coming back. There are a whole bunch of us that are in the same boat – people who were running when the race stopped. We have all been invited back this year to run for charity.”

With that in mind, Fowler decided she would  run for the Revere Special Education Advisory Committee (SEPAC). She is running for the organization to help fund its programs, which help her son Amir, a young boy with autism.

“I had the chance to raise some money for charity due to being invited back, so I decided to run for the SEPAC in Revere,” she said.

Fowler lives in Ward 2 near North Shore Road with her husband, Linwood Harper, and her three children – Aya, Adam and Amir.

They moved to Revere in 2006, but Fowler began running many years before.

Fowler said she runs about three to five marathons per year, and has run four Boston Marathons. She also runs many half-marathons every year.

However, this year’s Boston Marathon will be like no other, she said.

“I think it’s going to be emotional for so many runners, including myself,” she said. “Myself and my other runner friends want to represent so well for the victims and their families. Any time you finish a marathon, it’s very emotional, but this will probably be even more emotional this year because of the memories of last year. I think it will be a special year and there’s already a lot of nervous energy building up.”

Fowler, who grew up in Methuen, works in the IT Department at John Hancock in the Back Bay. Her husband, Linwood, works at Berklee School of Music.

Fowler said they have been very pleased with their decision to move to Revere, and don’t plan on running off any time soon.

“We’ve met some great families here and like have the opportunity to be part of the community,” she said.

To contribute to Fowler’s run for SEPAC in this year’s Boston Marathon, visit the fundraising page  at

Donations can also be sent to the Revere Public Schools, care of SEPAC.

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