Revere Is Safer

The announcement last week of the successful arrests made in Operation High Tide by our local police force certainly comes as good news to many residents.

The three-month investigation resulted in 26 local and smaller drug dealers being arrested in the early morning sting.

These dealers have been selling primarily heroin to users.  Many experts consider heroin the entry drug to more dangerous drug use that usually results in either loss of life or years of addiction.

It is a sad commentary about our society that many of our younger residents are turning to opiate use with sometimes deadly results.

The recent spike in deaths and overdoses in our community show that the scourge of drug use has not abated but is increasing.

This investigation marked a change in direction for our local police force as usually larger drug dealers are targeted.

Our congratulations go to Police Chief Joseph Cafarelli, Detective Rob Impemba and Lt. John Goodwin for their work in making this investigation so successful.

Goodwin pointed out, “the whole point of this operation is quality of life,” and we agree.

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