Mayor Ambrosino Set to Schedule Termination Hearing

Mayor Tom Ambrosino said that he would be scheduling a termination hearing for Officer Todd Randall before next Tuesday.

Police Chief Terence Reardon has apparently already served Randall with a letter indicating that he will be suspended for five days without pay – the maximum amount of time the chief is allowed to suspend an officer.

That suspension began late last week.

Ambrosino said that once he receives the Chief’s letter, he would schedule the hearing, which could be delayed if Randall’s attorney requests a continuance.

Nevertheless, the mayor said Randall has not been working since last fall.

He served an unrelated suspension at that time, and when that suspension was over, Randall alleged that he was suffering from an injury or an illness.

“He is still an employee,” said the mayor. “As far as I know, he is not receiving any pay because he has no sick time. He’s been in this stage of limbo for quite some time. He hasn’t been working since mid-Fall. At that time, he served an unrelated suspension. Since that (suspension) expired, he has an allegation of injury or illness, but he has no sick time to draw upon.”

That situation is why Revere City Councillor Charlie Patch requested and passed an emergency motion at the April 4 meeting that would allow other City employees to donate their sick time to help Randall.

Ambrosino said the sick leave donation program for Randall is in effect, but he doesn’t know if anyone has donated.

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