Tragic Training: Reath Turns Personal Tragedy into a Local Fitness Company

It was a personal tragedy that brought Pines resident Jodi Reath into the world of fitness.

And now, using that tragedy as a motivation, Reath is preparing to make it her business to concentrate on the health of others – launching her own company, Millions of Muscles, and a series of fitness boot camps on Revere Beach and Point of Pines Beach.

Millions of Muscles will hold its first “boot camp” on May 2.

With a degree in psychology from UMass-Amherst, fitness is not actually in Reath’s field of study, but it’s certainly in her heart.

“I actually came back to Revere from California because my father had a heart attack and passed away at an early age,” said Reath. “That was a big reason I started getting into fitness and the fitness business. The best thing for your kids is to love your health so that you will be with them. It hit home with my father dying so young. His death was entirely preventable.”

And so it is that Reath will hit the Beach this year with clients who are trying to stay fit, trim and healthy. She said that she plans to combine cardiovascular exercises with strength training – sometimes mixing in contests and games to make things interesting and competitive.

“I started this last year and was doing it with friends,” she said. “They loved it and said I should do it as a business in Revere. So, I decided to go for it.”

Reath became a certified trainer nearly two years ago, and she has run boot camps for gyms in Boston since that time. However, now she’s bringing her passion for exercise back to her hometown.

Reath will have a series of boot camps throughout the summer, wrapping up the season in October. All of the exercise regimens will be performed on Revere Beach or Point of Pines Beach. Clients will be pushed, but exercises will be tailored to individual levels. Each boot camp will be different so that there will always be a fresh approach to the regimen.

And Reath said that the term “boot camp” shouldn’t be taken too literally.

“Nowadays they call every great fitness effort a boot camp,” she said. “You think of a sergeant or a drill instructor yelling in your face. There is no yelling here. I do push them, but I don’t have whips or bells or anything like that. It is high intensity exercise, but the exercises are modified to each person’s level.”

Additionally, Reath – who just recently joined the Revere Chamber of Commerce – plans to give back to the community with free 45-minute boot camps on Revere Beach every Saturday morning during the season.

The proceeds from those camps will go to the Paul Revere Innovation School, to be used for things like school supplies and other classroom necessities.

“My grandmother went to the Paul Revere and I did too,” she said, noting that she grew up no Sagamore Street. “It’s been in my family a long time and I love that my children go there now too.”

Reath invited potential clients to try out one class for free before committing, if they so wish. She can be reached on her website at or by calling (339) 226-1283.

“It’s very exciting,” said Reath. “This is exactly what I’m passionate about.”

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