The Meals Tax Option – The City Council takes a stand, but the need for new revenues is as strong as ever

The City Council has warmed our hearts by refusing to raise the meals tax in the city.

The action taken at City Hall Monday night is sure to create some joy among taxpayers and those who frequent the many restaurants and food outlets in the city.

The City Council, in this instance, has said no to yet another tax hike.

But the City Council’s bold action isn’t hearing the end of it.

The time will shortly come when the city is besieged by the need for new revenues. This is a certainty.

And when that time arrives, the City Council may very well have to reverse itself on the meals tax and on every instance of city spending in order to balance the budget without the city being crushed by huge bills it cannot pay.

This is the reality the city faces for next year – a reality no one wants to deal with.

That time isn’t now.

We thank the City Council for showing some spine and for refusing to do what Boston and so many other cities and towns have done.

At a time when everyone who owns a restaurant or food outlet is struggling, and when the patrons who frequent those places are also struggling, a tax hike that makes eating out more expensive is going in the opposite direction.

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