Give Us A Sign – City should have been notified about billboard plan

The MBTA has announced a program that is intended to sell enough new billboard spaces on T properties to bring in millions of dollars of new revenue.

Regrettably, Revere is one of those cities where the T is planning to sell new spaces for billboards.

In all likelihood, the billboard spaces will be sold and then built at the Wonderland T Station.

If so, the new billboards will be conflicting with ongoing development plans at that very site.

New billboards there won’t ruin the site, but it would have been proper for the T to notify the mayor and City Council first before imposing its will on this city at a time when such a large new development is hanging in the balance.

By shooting from the hip this way, the T shows how it lacks the will and the understanding to confront communities its policies are going to affect.

In Charlestown, for instance, the community there is in an uproar about the T’s plans to erect huge billboards along the length of Rutherford Boulevard.

Charlestown leaders had been led to believe by city planners that Rutherford Boulevard might one day be a lovely addition to the type of place that Charlestown has become – not a billboard avenue as the T is slating it to be.

Billboards aren’t poison.

But billboards and their placement should be discussed before being heaped upon us.

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