Cap on Salaries? – The time might be right

The time is rapidly approaching when Revere and all the cities and towns in the commonwealth will no longer be able to afford the bloated salaries of those municipal employees earning more than $90,000 a year.

Middle echelon municipal employees earning in the $60,000 range and everyone below don’t cost the city nearly as much as those making more than $90,000, and in some cases, with salaries now approaching $200,000.

The recession is causing union contracts to be broken everywhere in order to save jobs.

Sooner rather than later, Revere will have to cap about 100 key positions in police, fire, and in the school department or go broke.

Basically, the city is technically broke and reliant upon state aid and federal government stimulus money.

The case can be made that the city is a bit like AIG, paying huge salaries and benefits to employees whose contributions don’t equal their salaries in a municipality that can’t make ends meet.

How long can such a scenario go on and on?

Not much longer.

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