Councillors Warn of Dangers of Illegal Fireworks on the Fourth and Beyond

By Adam Swift

Several city councillors want to remind residents that fireworks are illegal in the city and can create hazardous situations in tightly packed neighborhoods.

At last week’s meeting, councillors Joanne McKenna and Michelle Kelley presented a motion asking the mayor to send out a Reverse 911 call to city residents reminding them that fireworks are illegal in the city.

“This motion came from former Councillor (Richard) Serino from last year after the Fourth of July,” said McKenna. “He asked if we could do a Reverse 911 because he was inundated, and so was I, the city was inundated with fireworks. Then they left the debris behind.”

McKenna said Serino’s request last year never really went anywhere because it was made after the Fourth of July, so she was bringing it back before the current council.

“Not only are fireworks illegal, but they are dangerous, especially in a neighborhood like Beachmont,” said McKenna. “My house was built in 1864 and it’s all wood; With one little spark, it’s gone. Fire is the number one concern, and where all the houses are so close together, it’s really scary.”

In addition, McKenna said the noise from fireworks is detrimental to veterans and animals.

“I have an Iraq War Marine veteran who lives in my house that has a really hard time with noise,” said McKenna. “I see what he goes through every Fourth of July, or every time fireworks go off.”

Kelley said that in addition to the Reverse 911 call, next year the city could look into a larger informational campaign about the dangers of illegal fireworks.

“We don’t want them to be mishandled and used in the city with all the safety concerns they bring up,” said Kelley.

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