City Planner Stringi Briefs Council on New State Zoning Act

City Planner Frank Stringi informed the Council of Revere’s status in relation to the adoption of Section 3A, which is the new State Zoning Act. “The purpose of Section 3A is to encourage MBTA communities (such as Revere) to adopt zoning districts that allow multi-family housing as a right,” explained Stringi at Monday’s Council meeting. “There are certain requirements for these districts. Number 1, they have to be within a half-mile radius of a ‘T’ station, commuter station, or bus station. They have to provide the density of at least 15 units per acre. The district has to comprise at least 50 acres.”
Stringi said that the City is already in compliance with the new statute. “We have many districts adjacent to our MBTA stations that allow multi-family housing as a right. Revere actually is well ahead of the curve. We created transit-oriented development districts more than decades ago in our community around Wonderland, and now we have one around Beachmont and Revere Beach Stations.”
Stringi added that the Suffolk Downs Overlay District, which consists of more than 50 acres and is adjacent to the Beachmont Station, also complies with the new requirement

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