Zambuto’s Recount Bid Falls Short, Rotondo Takes Final Spot in Election

City Council President Anthony Zambuto’s recount bid in the Nov. 2 election picked up four votes, but Councillor-at-Large George Rotondo emerged as the fifth-place finisher overall by 33 votes, taking the final at-large position.

The recount, under the direction of Election Commissioner Diane Colella, was held Saturday at the Revere High School Fieldhouse. Rotondo finished with 2,238 votes while Zambuto received 2,205 votes. Dan Rizzo, Steven Morabito, Marc Silvestri, and Gerry Visconti were elected to the other four at-large positions.

Long time colleagues on the Revere City Council, George Rotondo and Anthony Zambuto.

“It was interesting, probably the most respectful recount I’ve ever been involved in,” said Zambuto. “There was no acrimony or anything.”

The long-time councillor-at-large said he did notice during the recount that “unfortunately there was a bullet campaign out there and the ballots were pristine so we couldn’t find any votes because people just went in and bulleted either Morabito, Silvestri, or Rizzo.”

A “bullet” in the case of the Revere councillor-at-large election meant that voters cast their individual ballot and voted for only one candidate when they could have voted for up to five candidates. That strategy would hurt the chances of a well-known incumbent such as Zambuto, who likely would have received many secondary votes.

Zambuto congratulated Rotondo on his victory in the recount and wished him well in the new term that begins in January.

“George and I were friends going in and we were friends going out,” said Zambuto. “Unfortunately for me, I couldn’t find any votes because of the way the ballots were,” said Zambuto.

Zambuto said he’s had 22 years of distinguished service and has many accomplishments such as leading the effort to build a new Revere station.

“I walk away with my head held up high,” said Zambuto. “I had to have this recount for my supporters of 22 years. The bottom line is the recount was very respectful and very professional.”

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