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Columbus Day Is a Part of History

Dear Editor,

Columbus Day is a holiday with controversy surrounding it. Many people believe it should go because of the mistreatment of the Native Americans. People are missing the point that Columbus Day celebrates a historic moment in America’s formation. Even Columbus’ expedition included terrible things, it is history and we need to understand it as a whole. Columbus day celebrates the Italians’ contribution to America and the western expansion to America. Columbus Day should be here to stay.

Columbus Day is only seen for its worst parts while undermining its achievements. Columbus Day is one of the Italians greatest achievements as they introduced the rest of the world to the Americas. Changing the day to Indigenous People ‘s Day would disregard, “The fact that it was an Italian who introduced the Americas to the rest of the world.” (per Washington Examiner) Christopher Columbus was Italian and is a symbol that represents the Italians contribution to westward expansion to the Americas. The argument of Columbus day being a celebration of a mass murder has no merit as the native americans also commited genocide. Columbus may have led the native americans to near extinction, but what isn’t brought up is the “genocide perpetrated by Native American tribes from Mexico to Peru.” (per The Daily Citizen). In the end there is no “right” side because both parties aren’t innocent, so changing the day to indigenous people day would be disrespectful to the Italian americans. With all this said, Columbus should be here to stay, while Christopher Columbus was not perfect, he introduced America to the world,celebrated the Italians’ contribution,  and is a symbol of exploration and expansion.

Columbus Day should not be changed to indigenous people day. Columbus Day has a great importance to the history of America. Many atrocities have happened during Christopher Columbus’ voyage, but that doesn’t mean we should change Columbus day to Indigenous People’s Day. We celebrate Columbus because he found the “new world”, and even if we do change it to Indigenous peoples’ day, it’s not as if they were perfect either. Columbus was a mass murdered but he shouldn’t be remembered as one, he discovered the new world and Columbus Day celebrates that achievement


Kenneth Le,

Revere Student

Get Rid of Columbus Day

Dear Editor,

Columbus Day is a holiday in the United States that has been celebrated for as long as we can remember. Christopher Columbus, the man who discovered America; what an honorable man, right? On the surface, sure, but, if we dig a little deeper, the truth is definitely not something very honorable at all. Christopher Columbus, the mass murderer, rapist, enslaver, and tyrant. We celebrate him because he discovered America and ignore the rest of his actions completely. This holiday is not only problematic but extremely wrong, disrespectful, and inconsiderate. We should be honoring the Native people of this country whose land we stole and continue to abuse everyday. We should change Columbus Day to Indigenous People’s Day as they deserve it much more than he does.

The holiday is not dishonoring the culture of Italian-Americans as Jeanne Allen from the Washington Examiner believes. They state, “Celebrating Columbus Day was, and continues to be, a way of saying ‘We’re proud to be Americans, and equally proud of our Italian heritage and ancestry.’” (3). As an Italian-American myself, I can wholeheartedly say that myself and many of my other Italian friends never once felt as though Columbus honored the Italian heritage and culture. He does not “represent(s) our ancestry” at all; it would be such a shame if this was the case. It is true that Italians faced discrimination as all immigrants did at one point and it is nice to have a holiday that acknowledges our contribution to American history but we need to shed light on all aspects of this history; not just the discoverance of America as that is not all he did. I understand that Italians want to be recognized for their culture and history in America but it just isn’t fair to honor a man that mass murdered an ethnicity that is still here today and oppressed to this day.

Zachary Mettler of The Daily Citizen says “Lastly, I would contend that historical figures should be honored by their great achievements, and not their mistakes or weaknesses.” (14). It is true that we should honor our historical figures but the bad should outweigh the good if we have any morals at all. Yes, he “discovered America,” which is actually still being argued today if he was even the one that founded it, but he also murdered and terrorized in the process. Many argue this was necessary for the progression of the U.S. but we will really never know. All we do know for sure is that Native Americans were almost driven to extinction by him and their land was stolen by the white man that still oppresses them today. Their voices are constantly being silenced, the least we can do is get rid of a holiday that recognizes a historical figure that harmed them and replace it with one that honors them.

Changing this holiday would change the way Indigenous People are remembered in history and treated today; it would not just be for symbolic purposes. Leila Fadel of NPR writes, “‘By bringing Indigenous Peoples’ Day, we’re bringing awareness that we’re not going to allow someone like that to be glorified into a hero, because of the hurt that he caused to Indigenous people of America.’” (3). Honoring Columbus, as we have been doing for years, is essentially saying that we don’t care about the hurt he caused to Native Americans solely because he discovered America. It will take some time but this would be a great step in the direction of making it up to the people our ancestors nearly destroyed. Today we still see them being stepped on and invalidated; unheard and unseen. Christopher Columbus is indeed an important figure in American history and deserves to be remembered but he does not deserve a glorifying holiday every year. Last time I checked, important figures didn’t mean good ones.

We still use their culture as sports mascots and halloween costumes; how shameful. Let’s do better to respect the people of this country and get rid of Columbus day as he is a painful reminder of the worst parts of their history; not ours. Let’s honor the indigenous people of this country for, without them, we most definitely would not be here today. Let’s have Indigenous People’s Day and honor the first Americans.

Sabrina Indorato, Revere Student

Endorses Chavez

Dear Editor,

Jacqueline Chavez is the best choice for the Revere School Committee because she’s committed to enriching Revere students’ experiences, empowering Revere families and supporting Revere educators. Jacqueline, like many of us, is the proud daughter of immigrants who have sacrificed everything for her to have a chance at the American Dream. Her parents instilled in her the values of humility, resilience, and hard work—values we need represented in education. Experience matters, and as School Committee Member for the City of Salem, I understand the skills, experiences, and values the job requires. I know Jacqueline will prioritize Revere’s students, families, and educators— and that’s why I’m thrilled to endorse her for the Revere School Committee.

Manny Cruz

City of Salem School Committee Member and Advocacy Director for Latinos for Education

Endorses Novoselsky

Ward 2 is extremely lucky to have Ira Novoselsky. Being Ward 2 Councillor is Ira’s only job.

Ira is a FULL TIME City Councillor! This is extremely important to highlight, it is a game changer in my opinion. You can have someone who devotes all of their time to you or someone who has to share his time with a full-time job. That’s an easy decision for me.

Being Ward 2 Councillor is incredibly challenging and requires a great deal of time being in the Ward, responding to emergencies, attending meetings etc. Trust me, from my experience, having a full-time job while being Ward 2 Councillor is not a mix for success, you just can’t effectively serve Ward 2, unless it is your only obligation.

Ward 2 is also very lucky to have Ira Novoselsky, because Ira knows the workings of City and State Government, you have a well-trained City Councillor, one that knows government as good as anyone in Revere. For this reason is why Ira has had so much success at getting things done.

Now is not the time for on-the-job training!

And finally, Ira has a proven track-record of bringing people together, Councillor Novoselsky has constantly promoted diversity within Ward 2, amongst all groups and cultures.

Ira won’t stop, because he cares! He also realizes the importance of all of us working together to make Revere a better place to live.

Please join me in supporting the Re-election campaign for Ira Novoselsky as Ward 2 City Councillor.

John Perez

Former Ward 2 Councillor

The first Latino City Councillor in Revere

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