Powers Wants Timing of Lights Reviewed at Revere Street Intersection

If you’ve ever traveled on Revere Street and tried to make a left turn onto Route 1A/North Shore Road, you know of the vexing situation of which Ward 5 Councillor John Powers speaks.

Unless you’re at or near the front of the line of vehicles, there’s a very good chance that your attempt at a left turn will require two traffic light cycles.

Powers is asking MassDOT to adjust the timing of the lights for quicker access.

“Revere citizens shouldn’t be sitting on Revere Street waiting in traffic for that green arrow to change which only allows five seconds or ten seconds to move onto Route 1A heading north,” said Powers. “So I think MassDOT has to take a little more consideration for the residents that live in this city and monitor the traffic down there that’s going left on 1A to get to the North Shore or their neighborhood in the Point of Pines or Oak Island.”

The Council unanimously supported Powers’ request to have MassDOT review the traffic situation at the busy intersection.

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