Traffic Commission Will Hold Hearing for Healthcare Workers’ Parking

The Revere Traffic Commission voted at its May 27 meeting to hold a public hearing on the issue of granting special parking permits for healthcare workers who assist seniors at residences such as the Jack Satter House on Revere Beach Boulevard.

The move for a public hearing on the issue follows a May 22 protest that was held near  the Satter House regarding the DCR’s decision to implement a parking meter program along Revere Beach Boulevard.

Traffic Commission Chair Paul Argenzio said the hearing will be held later this month at the Council Chambers in City Hall. The Commission is transitioning from Zoom remote meetings to in-person meetings at City Hall and is reaching out for available meeting dates in the Council Chambers.

The other major item on the agenda was the launching of 24-hour resident parking in the Oak Island neighborhood that is located near Kelly’s Roast Beef.

“Residents of Oak Island will be granted 24-hour parking on their streets,” said Argenzio, adding that the reason for the change is that many beachgoers would be seeking parking spaces in Oak Island as a way of avoiding the parking meters ($1.25 per hour) on Revere Beach Boulevard.

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