Guinasso Concerned by Appointees Not Showing up for Subcommittee Confirmations

Anyone who watched Ward 3 Councillor Arthur Guinasso’s earnest approach to city business during his reign as council president in 2019 knows how efficient he was at keeping the discussion moving toward a final vote.

That’s why it’s no surprise that Guinasso is irked by city appointees not showing up for meetings of the Appointments Sub-Committee that he chairs.

Appointees for four licensed drain layer positions went 0-for-4 in showing up for the subcommittee meeting Monday.

“This is the second meeting that they decided not to attend and that shows a derelict of responsibility and a very poor representation of their business organizations,” said Guinasso. “The next meeting is May 17 and if they don’t appear, I’m going to ask the Committee of the Whole that we withdraw their names. For them to be disrespectful to the Revere City Council, I have an issue with that.”

Guinasso said he will ask the members of the Appointment Subcommittee – Councilors Jessica Giannino, Joanne McKenna, John Powers, Gerry Visconti, and Anthony Zambuto – to go on record at the next meeting as requesting a withdrawal of the appointments.

An appointee to the newly formed Public Art Commission was a no-show at three recent Appointments Subcommittee meetings.

Guinasso basically apologized to viewers of the meeting for the appointees’ lack of attendance.

“This concludes the Appointments Subcommittee meeting of May, 2021, and I’m very sorry for those people viewing in that they didn’t have the opportunity to at least see who these individuals are,” said Guinasso.

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