Parking Protest: Residents Plan Revere Beach Rally on Saturday Against Parking Meters

There is a flyer being circulated on social media, and a protest is being planned for Saturday to voice opposition against the DCR’s new parking meters that have been installed on Revere Beach Boulevard.

The new metered-parking stations were visible during the weekend on the non-residential side of the entire Boulevard.

The Revere Journal has tried vigorously to contact at least one of the supposed organizers of the protest, but the Journal has been unsuccessful in its efforts.

The city’s opposition to the new parking meters, which will cost residents and non-residents $1.25 per hour, has been vigorous. Many residents have complained that there was no public meeting held inside a Revere venue about the issue, though there was at least one public meeting held remotely.

Nevertheless, city officials and Revere’s state legislative delegation are not at all pleased about the DCR’s decision to begin metered-parking on May 1 on the Boulevard.

Ward 5 Councilor John Powers has been from the outset of the plan, in his words, “100 percent against the parking meters.”

Powers said he will be attending Saturday’s protest and will speak during the event “if I am allowed to.”

States Rep. Jessica Giannino and Jeffrey Turco also voiced their opposition to the new parking meters.

“I want to make it very clear that as Revere’s State Representative now, and as a City Councillor in October, 2020, I advocated against and was strongly opposed to placing parking meters on Revere Beach,” said Rep. Giannino.  “I am working on this issue at the state level, and am looking for a solution for our residents.  This is America’s First Public Beach, and it should be open and equitable for all.  I thank Mayor Arrigo, Senator Boncore and Representative Turco for their support, and rest assured, as Revere’s State Delegation, we are on the same page and are trying to seek relief for Revere residents.”

Turco, who was inaugurated as state representative last week and is the former president of the Revere Beach Partnership, said, “I join the residents of Revere in their alarm and concern over the DCR’s implementation of paid parking on America’s First Public Beach.  Mayor Arrigo, Senator Boncore Rep. Giannino,  members of the Revere City Council and I are working with the DCR to address our collective concerns. “We look forward to working cooperatively for a solution that benefits the residents of Revere

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