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Supporting Candidates Who Believe in Science

Dear Editor,

As a voter and a patient, I know that it is critical to support candidates who believe in science and believe in the work being done day in and day out by the biopharmaceutical industry and researchers. These researchers are working tirelessly in their dedication to defeating COVID-19, while also continuing to research new treatments and potential cures for rare and chronic conditions.

For individuals like me living with the gene for Huntington’s disease (HD), this work is of the utmost importance. Huntington’s is a genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Some people describe it as having ALS, Parkinson’s, and Alzheimer’s all at once. Living with the gene, I can anticipate that I will eventually have the disease and start to experience symptoms, which can include everything from difficulty concentrating to lapses in memory, and other brain changes that cause abnormal involuntary movements and mood changes. 

There is currently no cure or way of slowing down HD, only ways to manage symptoms. However, scientists and researchers have delivered options for the most complicated conditions known to man, and I believe that with the proper policies and support in place, they can also do so for patients like me. We must advocate for proposals that not only lower costs and ensure access, but also protect biopharmaceutical innovation. As we face one of the biggest public health challenges of our lifetime, there is only space for proposals that can promise to do both, and leaders that support it. 

We need to elect leaders that will bolster the biopharmaceutical industry as they work to find answers for COVID-19. I can only hope that their efforts to do so will set a precedent for patients like me, who are waiting each day for answers of our own. 

 Seth Rotberg, MNM

MBA Charitable Foundation Social Media Campaign

Dear Editor,

Thank you for all those who participated in the MBA Charitable Foundation Social Media Campaign. Your votes helped us distribute funds to various agencies who have worked endlessly in supporting those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic across the Commonwealth.

Each campaign awarded $5,000 to six organizations. All selected organizations received a base of $500 and we used your input and the general public to allocate the remaining $2,000. Here is a review of the September campaign:

•Boston Health Care for the Homeless – $550

•Bread of Life, $1,650

•Friends of Boston’s Homeless – $700

•Greater Boston Food Bank – $550

•Project Hope – $1,050

•Boston Resiliency Fund – $500

Daniel Forte

Massachusetts Bankers Association

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