City Launches Water and Sewer Inventory app Developed by Revere High students

City Launches Water And Sewer Inventory App Developed by Revere High Students

In collaboration with the Office of Innovation and Data Management, Revere High School Class of 2020 graduate, William Ly, unveiled the new mobile application (app) he developed this past Friday, August 7. Ly met with staff members of the Water and Sewer Department to perform a live demonstration, and to collect feedback for the final version. The new mobile app functions as an inventory management system to help the department keep better track of the materials they have in stock.

The intuitive design of the app includes a main page listing all of the various types of pipes, fittings, and other materials utilized by Water and Sewer. With a simple click on one of those items, a picture appears along with the quantity currently in stock. There is also an option to change the quantity as items are used or replenished.

“On Friday, we got lots of great feedback, and we are continuing to add new features to make the app as helpful as possible. Last week was more of a test run. We wanted to incorporate feedback directly from Water and Sewer before going live with the app,” Ly said. As the Water and Sewer Department works through projects across the city, this app will facilitate easier planning, ensuring that items are available or can be made available in a timely manner.

Ly also credited two of his classmates in his AP Computer Science course at Revere High School for their help in bringing this app to fruition: Victor Lomba, rising senior at RHS and Nicholas Laws, Class of 2020. William added: “It all started in AP Comp Sci when Reuben Kantor reached out to my teacher, Mr. Kaufman, with the idea for the app. My friends and I knew this was something we wanted to work on. I did not have much experience with coding software before high school, but I felt well-prepared to take on this project.”

The app is expected to go live in the in the coming weeks for use of staff in the Water and Sewer Department. “We are very fortunate to be able to tap into to our own residents and resources right here in Revere to make our city services more efficient for the people of Revere. I am incredibly proud of the work happening in our schools to prepare our students for college and career opportunities,” Mayor Brian Arrigo said.

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