Congressman Kennedy Assists in Local Food Distribution

Special to the Journal

Last Friday Congressman Joe Kennedy III joined City Council President Patrick Keefe and Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito to distribute meals and masks with the Revere COVID-19 Emergency Response team at the Rumney Marsh Academy.

“I am very thankful to have joined Council President Patrick Keefe and Councillor-at-Large Steven Morabito in Revere,” said Congressman Joe Kennedy III, candidate for U.S. Senate. “Revere has been hit hard by this virus, and it so important we make sure every single family has the resources to get out of this safely. For many right now, the struggle is putting food on the table. I am thankful for the work local leaders are doing in Revere to make sure families have the resources they need and am proud to help out in that effort today.”

Keefe said that Kennedy sought out the local officials to volunteer his efforts at the food pantry.

“Joe really rolls up sleeves and gets involved,” said Keefe. “He was well-received by the group and you could tell he was genuinely interested in helping and was overly impressed with the organization that the city has put in toward food outreach.”

Kennedy assisted in the pre-packing of the grocery bags of food before participating in distribution operations outside the school.

Morabito and Keefe have participated regularly in the city’s food relief efforts. Morabito also praised Kennedy for his volunteerism at the Revere site.

“Congressman Kennedy came to Revere to help out and assist Councillor Keefe and me and others,” said Morabito. “In a trying time where there so many services are needed, he volunteered to help us and I commend him for that effort.”

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