Market Basket Announces Additional Social Distancing Measures

To ensure a healthy and safe shopping experience for our customers and as­sociates during the coro­navirus pandemic, Market Basket has established new store protocols. As of April 2, all Market Basket loca­tions, including the store in Revere, have reduced the number of customers in the stores at any given time to support the important public health goal of social distancing. This in combi­nation with other new pro­tocols will improve the cus­tomers’ experience.

“We have been constant­ly refining our operations focused on the health and safety of our customers and associates,” said Joseph Schmidt, Operations Super­visor. “These changes re­flect the wide range of input we have received on a daily basis – from our customers and our associates and from the Governors and public health experts who describe the next several weeks as critical for the health of the residents in our region. It is important that our custom­ers have a pleasant, safe, and healthy experience in our stores.”

The new healthy shop­ping protocol includes the following:

• The number of custom­ers shopping at one time will be limited, based on the size of the store, in or­der to ensure that customers have personal space, can maintain social distancing and feel more comfortable.

• A single entrance and exit will be designated for customers’ use. (All fire safety measures will remain in place.)

• Upon entrance, each shopper will be greeted by an associate who will clean and sanitize a carriage for them.

“Our hardworking as­sociates are committed to helping our customers during this challenging time,” Schmidt continued. “We firmly believe that with this newly refined ap­proach we can make the grocery store experience better for all.”

Market Basket’s height­en ed disinfection program in response to coronavirus continues, focusing on high-touch surfaces including cash registers, counter tops, register belts, red baskets, shopping carriages, pay­ment devices, touch pads, desks, door and drawer han­dles, phones and computers. Associates are required to practice good hygiene in­cluding washing their hands frequently. Social distanc­ing is also in place.

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