Council approves Viscay as City finance director

The City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Richard Viscay as the new finance director for the city of Revere.
Viscay will also remain in his position of city auditor and budget director, and has been appointed to the Revere Housing Authority Board. In his new position, Viscay will coordinate and oversee all the financial departments of the city.
The 47-year-old Revere resident said he was happy to receive what local officials are calling a well-deserved promotion. He has served as city auditor for two years, but has many years of experience in municipal government. He was the chief financial officer for Everett for three years and director of finance in Salem for seven years.
“Being a resident of Revere and working with Mayor [Brian] Arrigo, I feel like this is the most rewarding position in my career that I’ve held because I’m working for the city in which I live – my daughters both went to school here, and I’ve been living here for 25 years,” said Viscay.
One of his daughters works as a registered nurse and the other is a senior at Revere High School.
Viscay, 48, holds a Master’s of Business Administration from Salem State University and an undergraduate degree in Accounting from UMass Amherst. He attended Boston Latin Academy, the same school that produced Dr. Dianne Kelly, superintendent of Revere schools.
Viscay said he excited to begin in his new role.
“I’m looking forward to working with the Mayor and the Council and all the residents and the stakeholders and I really appreciate the opportunity.”
Mayor Arrigo, who made the appointment, was pleased to officially welcome Viscay to his new position.
“Mr. Viscay has been an invaluable member of the administration from the day he came on board a couple of years ago, and I think this is a natural progression,” said Arrigo. “I know this is a position in which he will excel. A lot of the great financial management that we’ve had over the last four years will continue over the next four years and a lot of the great policies have been attributed to Richard Viscay.
“So I’m excited. It’s a new role for him and there’ll be a little bit of a learning curve, but not much. So the residents can be assured that their taxpayer dollars are in tremendous hands, and we’re excited to start a new chapter in the city of Revere,” concluded the mayor.

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