Serino, Moulaison Advance to Ward 6 Final Election

Ricky Serino and Nicholas Moulaison Sr. will square off in November for the Ward 6 seat on the Revere City Council following their respective first-and-second-place finishes in Tuesday’s Preliminary Election.

Serino took the top spot in the field of three candidates with 583 votes. Moulaison was second with 183 votes.

Ward 6 candidates Nick Moulaison and Ricky Serino shook hands outside of St. Mary’s Church in Revere on election night.

Francis Sarro was eliminated in the race with 84 votes.

Serino won in all three precincts in the ward, receiving his highest vote in Precinct 1 with 256 votes. He emerged a victor throughout the ward by a solid 3-1 margin.

Serino received an early boost to his well-organized campaign from an endorsement by State Rep. RoseLee Vincent. Serino works at the State House as a legislative aide to the popular representative.

Serino celebrated with his many supporters at a gathering at Casa Lucia. He said he was “humbled” by the huge vote he received in his first run for office.

“I am deeply humbled by today’s results, and I want to thank the people of Ward 6 from the bottom of my heart for their resounding support of our campaign’s message of having deep roots in the community while at the same time having a forward looking vision for the City of Revere.

“I also want to acknowledge Fran Sarro for his efforts in his campaign and congratulate Nick Moulaison on advancing to November along with me,” said Serino. “From the beginning of this campaign, I have said that I am running because I love my neighborhood and I love my city, and I want to help the people of my city. Over the past seven months of this campaign, I have been fortunate to engage with many residents of our neighborhood, and I look forward to continuing to knock on doors and having conversations with the people of West Revere and North Revere. Team Serino is just getting started, and we look forward to the next fifty-five days of this campaign.

Moulaison, whose celebration was held at Volare, came to City Hall to watch as the votes were being tabulated and the tallies were being posted on the wall outside the Election Department.

 “I feel good about being nominated,” said Moulaison. “There was a super low turnout so I know I have to hit the ground running tomorrow and make sure that everyone gets out to vote in November. I worked very hard on my campaign, day and night for the last 6-7 months.”

Moulaison said he would be amenable to participate in a debate with Serino. “I would more than willing to have a debate,” he said.

Moulaison is anticipating a substantially larger turnout in November. “Come November, where there will be a bigger race with a mayor’s election going on, I think we’ll get more votes out and I think I can beat him in November.”

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