President of RBP Pleased With Event

Five years ago, Jeffrey Turco,  became part of the Revere Beach Partnership (RBP), known not only for putting on the Sand Sculpture Contest (the third largest event in the Commonwealth), but other activities that highlight America’s First Public Beach.

“There are so many details and volunteers who pull the Sand Sculpting Festival together,” Turco said. “I am one small part of this. We are always looking for volunteers who want to come in a promote the beach. Please reach out to us on our Facebook Page.”

This year serving as president of the RBP he was more than pleased with the theme of the 50th landing on the moon, and the turnout of people who came to see the professional and amateur sculptors.

“I was born and raised in Revere (although he now lives in Winthrop) and I have a great affinity for the city and the beach,” Turco said. “I spent quite a lot of time on the beach as a kid.”

This is Turco’s sixth (directors can only serve for six years) and final year with the RBP, having the honor to serve as president in his last year.

“One of the events I am really interested in is the Kite Festival, it’s a great family day,” Turco said. “Revere Beach Partnership is really about promoting Revere and the beach. We try to inform the public to the history of the beach, environmental concerns. The more people who come here realize that the stereotypical views of Revere Beach are long since gone and this really is the crown jewel of this area.”

From working the on the Sand Sculpting Festival, Turco said he had learned that he has no talent for sculpting and wishes he had paid more attention to his bucket and shovel as a kid.

“My parents used to go to a little shop on the beach and buy a pail and shovel,” he remembered. “It’s pretty amazing the talent that’s out there and what they can sculpt.”

While he leaves as RBP president at the end of December he will have also worked on the road race, the Pumpkin Dash and other activities.

“We don’t do activities just in the summer time,” Turco said. “People can come to the beach anytime and see how beautiful it is.”

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