Plans Are in the Works for a New Point of Pines Fire Station

The process that will result in a brand-new Point of Pines Fire Station on the site of the old station located at 140 Lynnway is well underway.

During his remarks to the City Council about “the  long-awaited feasibility study” for the station, Mayor Brian Arrigo said that Winter Street Architects (the firm that did the feasibility study) has recommended that the old fire station be demolished and a new fire station be constructed – rather than a rehabilitation project for the current structure.

“I cannot stress enough how important that this is for not only for the Point of Pines, but for the eastern part of our city in providing great service and public safety to our community,” said Arrigo. “I want to thank Chief [Chris] Bright and Deputy Chief [Paul]Cheever for the great work they’ve done in pushing this forward and making this a reality.”

Bright endorsed the construction of a new station.

“I’m very pleased to be before you with the results of the study,” said Bright. “I’ve been very anxious to see this. As fire chief the past three years, I’ve really seen first-hand the need for this facility. We’ve had some storm surges down along Revere Beach, the Atlantic Ocean just coming in – Mills Avenue, Pearl Avenue, Beachmont. These storms are happening all the time now.”

Bright added, “we feel the need is there [for a new fire station] and the time is right now, the city is in a much better financial position.”

Ward 5 Councillor John Powers has long advocated for the restoration of services at the old station or the construction of a new one. Powers expressed his support for the project.

“With all the new wood-frame construction going on in the city right now, this station is so sorely needed,” said Powers. “I want to thank the mayor, Chief Bright, and the deputies for putting the effort into it that they did.”

City Council President Arthur Guinasso said the matter will be sent to Council sub-committees for further discussion and an extensive look at the plans for the new facility.

Arrigo said after the meeting that the city will move forward with a presentation of a bond authorization for the project. He said the estimated cost of building a new 12,000 square-foot Point of Pines Fire Station is $9 million, which would be paid over a 30-year period.

The bond-authorization would require a two-thirds vote of the City Council.

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